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I started my Art Photography business  four and a half years ago with just as much love for it today as I felt when I started. One of my first job's was traveling to Washington D.C. and photographing Arlington National Cemetery for the Houston Choral Society of which I contributed my work for a concert entitled "Postcards Across America", directed by Dr. Betty Devine, now retired.  The series of 10 (ten) photographs are now a copyrighted piece entitled "Sacred Arlington" and is contained within the United States Library of Congress.  This is a work that I am exceptionally proud of and are available for sale either as an entire group series or individually.

  I picked up my first camera ten (10) years ago beginning with my phone camera.  A process I used before iphoneography.  Now, I just love my iPhone 8 as well as my Nikon P520 (nicknamed "Nik", a gift from my husband Ross Tonini.)  

   I currently have authored a cookbook entitled "Ross and Stephanie Tonini's Family Cookbook" by Stephanie and Ross Tonini. Available through Xlibris Publishing, Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble.  I am in the process of writing another cookbook entitled "The Swiss Merengue". 

   I am also having the best time of my life doing and being a part of all of these challenging creative area's!!!


I am a graduate of The High School For The Performing and Visual Arts! There I studied Music (Vocal) and fell in love with creative arts. I have gone on to Ballroom dance, study photography, food photography and enjoy singing as a professional Choral Opera Singer, Soprano, with the Houston Choral Society, Artistic Director, Dr. Kevin Klotz . My favorite Choral Opera performed so far is Carmina Burana.

Houston Baptist University 1990

Bachelor of Science , Psychology and Childhood Development.  Dean's List, French Club, Political Science, Sociology, Christian Doctrine and Business.

I have other corallation's of work available and are shown on a seperate Websites.

site: https:/



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