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Month of May 'May Day, Maypoles and Mother's Day'...and Springtime Strawberry Cake!

Afternoon Tea

May 1st. , celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honoring workers.


May Day celebrations began with the Floralia, the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, held on April 27 during the Roman Republic era. It is also held on April 30 being associated with the Gaelic Beltone. This day of May Day was a traditional summer holiday in many European pagan cultures. May Day became a popular secular celebration as Europe became Christianized and the pagan holidays lost their religious character. In Germany, May Day is a significant celebration. Where it is one of several days where St. Walburga, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Germany.

Bicycle with Blue Hydrangia's

May Day in its secular sense as observed in Europe and North America, may be best known for their traditions of dancing around the maypole and crowning the Queen of May with a crown of flowers as its beginnings with the Floralia. A popular tradition since the 20th century but fading, is the giving of "May Basket's", small baskets of sweets or flowers, usually left anonymously on a neighbors doorstep. One could add a little note today or card. What a nice way to share something you just baked or flowers from your garden that have been admired by your neighbor.

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children."

William Makepeace Thackeray

May is also the month we celebrate Mother's, our Mom's. Set a special place for Mom with a thoughtful, thought-through gift. Flowers, special dessert's and a beautiful trinket is my idea of a lovely Mother's Day.


Springtime Strawberry Cake!

From Our Cookbook, 'Ross and Stephanie's Family Cookbook' by Stephanie and Ross Tonini. Our cookbook will be available soon at the Xlibris Bookstore.


Happy Mother's Day!


Happy May!


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