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A Fun New tradition to add to your easter celebration !

For the Easter Bunny ! Jesus loves you !

We all love the tradition of leaving cookies out for St. Nicholas, Santa on Christmas Eve. Well I think the Easter Bunny need's his energy too! This is another great way to show our children about new life and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can read more about Easter and the Celebration traditions in my article published from this site entitled "Easter and the Chick a Dee !". April.

For this new added tradition I decided to place a little birds nest either made of hay or store bought grasses by the front door with 3 (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) plastic fillable eggs and in each egg a tiny foil covered chocolate egg the evening before Easter Sunday. In the morning you can open up the egg's with your child and see that all that is left behind are the pieces of foil (the tomb is empty) and the chocolate eggs have been consumed (The Sacrament) (a requirement of Mom and Dad's assistance here, of course).

The Easter Bunny has come! Jesus loves you!

Hope this new tradition brings you the joy of our Lord and Savior on this Easter Sunday.

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter !

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