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Stephanie Tonini Food Is Art Photography and

I began Stephanie Tonini Food Is Art Photography in 2017 with the idea to call the photography genre that took images of all the delicious foods we create, 'Food Art Photography'. It takes a good eye, artistic perception to photograph something that could look mundane and make it special, beautiful looking. A love of Food and it's meaning to us in the world is required here. There is joy in this work, it's hard work but bring's me joy. To see your idea and concept move from a thought, a vision to the photography paper and to be happy with it brings an internal accomplishment that you have shared yourself artistically. Bringing the inanimate object to life is a more difficult process. Just as the artistic painter brings to the viewer various fractions of light so does the photographer. We study this ability just as the artistic painter does. , my newest site is a site where original recipes from the author and it's co-authors can give the latest information about their original recipes, cooking ideas, cooking stories and Chef related educational information like foxes dish tip's!


All photography images are Stephanie Tonini, food art photography. Copyright 2020.


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